2 comments on “Failing Upwards: Why the argument about taxes punishing success doesn’t hold water

  1. Someday, you will grow up and realize that life is not fair. Income inequality is just part of it. The saying “all men are created equal” only means that everyone has the same rights. Equal income is not a right. Will the occupy wallstreet morons next target Milan Italy where the super models hang out? It is simply not fair how attractive some people are while others are forced to be ugly. What about those guys and girls that can seem to eat anything they want yet never gain a pound. That is very unfair to those of us that are fat slobs. Taxing the rich simply because you dont like how much they make and are jealous of their success is no way to live your life. The country is broke and in need of severe cuts. More taxes doesnt solve the issue it only perpetuates it.

    Also, swing and a huge miss on your point about CEOs. Sorry, but the GOP is not protecting morons like the Gannet CEO. If you dislike the compensation schedule designed for these idiot CEOs, protest the company that hired them. The board of directors hire the CEO and they negoiate the salary. If you believe (which you might) that governments need to regulate salaries, then you are a communist. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I am just saying that you would need to also include the democrats in your rant. The GOP hates seeing these guys get paid for success just like you and the democrats. When a corporation loses its CEO it spends (sadly) thousands of dollars trying to find a new one. Once they have settled on someone, they usually find someone already working somewhere else. In order to get them to leave, they need to provide bonuses that are ridiculous.

    Instead of ranting about the evil GOP, try actually reading a book or a newspaper and educating yourself. Here is your most ridiculous comment: “we as Americans don’t want to punish success. We have no problem with rewarding success and honoring the successful.” You just want to regulate how much success they actually have.

    I agree that CEOs should have responsible employment contracts but it is up to shareholders to see that this happens. I agree that bailing out Wall Street was wrong however, it is the governments fault not theres – sadly, they committed no crimes. However, you have no facts that are correct and cant make an argument that doesnt contradict itself. So, I respectfully ask you to get off my side. You are very misinformed and quit frankly stupid for showing off your ignorance.

    • Thanks for replying! Your many points will be addressed in a future blog post as there’s just too many responses I’d like to make in this space. Watch for it. That is if I can fight through my ignorance and stupidity and actually formulate a cogent response.

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